MON-T [I WANT TO YOU] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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2075 JPY carttrial listening



1. mirai no koukai
2. risou no kyujitu
3. I wanna that
4. omae ha omae de iro
5. I want you
6. She is ・・・ feat.A-KEnT
7. kokoro monogatari
8. Good Day Dood Time feat.A-KEnT
9. Passing Me Bye
10. Memory of Summer feat.GUN-MA

Rasen [ZERO] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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2095 JPY carttrial listening

A new band was born with Enlightenment in Zen. You can feel the Japan-specific subtle and profound, and the oriental sense of the vanity of life behind their sound.

1. bonnou
2. Gothic Asia
3. Takeshima
4. Cult Picnic
5. Hokusai
6. Rasen
7. Zero-Kimigayo
8. Guitar Duo Jukai -from Suite Zero-
9. Guitar quintet 12 Mistress -from Suite Zero-
10. Guitar quintet Some Reaction -from Suite Zero-
11. Guitar quintet Odaran -from Suite Zero-
12. Guitar solo Miyabi -from Suite Zero-

Butzmetz LingerieZ [Butzmetz “2” – Somewhere Between] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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Butzmetz Butzmetz “2” – Somewhere Between
Butzmetz LingerieZ

1320 JPY carttrial listening



1. Theme of Potassium Hydroxide
2. Octavia
3. A Night in Xiamen
4. Somewhere Between
5. Fisherman’s Blues

Qui [Prelude] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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1320 JPY carttrial listening



1. Astratto(2000)
2. Circle(2002)
3. Wcjc(1998)
4. Pozza(2001)
5. Falcon(1999)
6. BJ(Live2000)
7. Astratto(Live2002)
8. Dum(1997)

Kampec Dolores [Tu fokan] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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Tu fokanTu fokan
Kampec Dolores

2090 JPY carttrial listening



1. tu fokan
2. negyen ulunk
3. jeges hevulet
4. ne kerdezd az arat
5. hova hova
6. szurgyata
7. ordogok
8. harom fenyev
9. indian
10. narancsorszag

AQi Fzono [Cosmology] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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AQi Fzono

2619 JPY carttrial listening

A club hit “Cosmology 5” included! Innovative masterpiece of Spacey Instrumental Electronic Music. Digitally remastered reissue of the legendary album that created a new genre “Symphonic Techno” “COSMOLOGY” is AQi Fzono’s 5th Album, one of his representative works of the 90’s. When the original version was released in 1998, it was recognized as “one of the greatest albums in the history of the Spacey Electronic Instrumental Music comparable to Oxygene by Jean-Michel Jarre and Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield”.

1. Cosmology Part 1
2. Cosmology Part 2
3. Cosmology Part 3
4. Cosmology Part 4
5. Cosmology Part 5
6. Cosmology Part 6
7. Cosmology Part 7
8. Cosmology Part 8

East Wind Pot [East Wind Pot] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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East Wind PotEast Wind Pot
East Wind Pot

2750 JPY carttrial listening



1. Dr. Bloodmoney
2. An Argument With Illya Kuryakin Whom I Loved In My Childhood
3. Minotaurus
4. Blue Monday
5. L’Aiguille Creuse
6. April Dancer

An Account of BANAtyans [An Account of BANAtyans] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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An Account of BANAtyansAn Account of BANAtyans
An Account of BANAtyans

2750 JPY carttrial listening



1. moji banana no tatakiuri(original)
2. BANAtyan busi kuzusi
3. moji banana no tatakiuri
5. moji banana no tatakiuri
6. igayan no BANAtyan busi
7. hayakuti banana koujyou
8. moji banana no tatakiuri
9. banana no monogatari
10. dansho MITI -itukinokomoriuta yori-
11. moji banana no tatakiuri

Yasuko Nakatani [Amor] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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Yasuko Nakatani

2750 JPY carttrial listening



1. Fever
2. Crazy he calls me -I love you for Sentimental reas
3. Quien Sera
4. Andalcia
5. Amapola
6. Angel eyes
7. Amor
8. Walz for Debby
9. Spain
10. One day I’ll fly away
11. Taboo
12. The Water is wide
13. Miami Beach Rumba (bonus track)

Tetsuroh [Earth Songs] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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Earth SongsEarth Songs

1467 JPY carttrial listening

What is the root of music? Most important thing is “Sound is unlimited.” I think. It is “a trip to search of the sound” to make composition and music.


1. Early Morning
2. “NAMI” wave
3. Flower Songs
4. The Father went to Heaven
5. Blue Stature
6. Endless Sea of Tranquility
7. Nachi no taki (Nachi water fall)
8. Atmospfere
9. Butterfly
10. Harukaze (image lyrics by Snow)

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