elephant talk [yoru no button] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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yoru no buttonyoru no button
elephant talk

2160 JPY carttrial listening

This work which is the theme of “nighit” has a transparent feeling and is felt tenderness. A sound system, Progressive Rock and an AVAN jazz musician join in, and it’s tempted the horizon of new pop music.

1. yoru no button 2. karappo no sekai 3. tenshi no march 4. luster 5. wataboushi no tobukoro 6. nonelinear 7. a castoff skin

Wappa Gappa [A Myth] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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A MythA Myth
Wappa Gappa

2571 JPY carttrial listening

The second album of released worldwidely. This is a concept album which travels the world of a myth.

1. The lion Hearted King(Shishi-Oh) 2. The Banquet(Utage) 3. No Mercy(Mujou) 4. The Underground(Chikatetsu) 5. A Myth(Shinwa) 6. Pilgrimage Of Water(Mizu No Junrei) 7. The One And Only(Yui Itsu) 8. Floating Ice(Ryuhyo)

SIXNORTH [PRAYER] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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2700 JPY carttrial listening

This is the second work of the jazz-rock band which has improved theirselves of rich color sense. Dave Sinclair (a former Caravan) plays quotation music of Hatfield on the organ.

1. Magnetic Factor 2. The Fourth Way 3. Everything Becomes Circle 4. The Enneagram 5. From Sri Lanka to Titan 6. The Age of Horus 7. Introduction to Richard (Improvised solo guitar) 8. Richard-extract from “Fitter Stoke Has a Bath”

DAIMONJI [IMPROG] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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2700 JPY carttrial listening

Hoppy Kamiyama (Pink, others), Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins, KOENJI HYAKKEI and others), Mitsuru Nasuno (Altered States, KOREKYOJIN and others) challenge the progressive-rock at improvisatorial band. This is the Zeuhl jazz-rock which has a comfortable feeling of strain ,and is solid and emotional. As a related work of Tatsuya Yoshida, there is a vocal of Offering style and it’s a strong progressive-rock color, subsequently to KOENJI HYAKKEI.

1. Glimpse 2. Mongolian Bandits 3. Night Dust(Monosyllabic Sex) 4. Ombre Monde

KBB [Four Corner’s Sky] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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Four Corner's SkyFour Corner’s Sky

2700 JPY carttrial listening

Please look at details.

1. Discontinuous Spiral 2. Kraken’s Brain is Blasting 3. Horobi no Kawa 4. Backside Edge 5. Slave Nature 6. I am not here 7. Shironiji

Uz Jsme Doma [Uprostred Slov] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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Uprostred SlovUprostred Slov
Uz Jsme Doma

2052 JPY carttrial listening

UJD is the high speed strange rhythm band of Czechoslovakia who had visited Japan. This is the debut album of them that a violin and a flute, etc. entered, and it’s mild, so it has become for the beginners. However, the foolish character has already established.

1. Amen – Yeah or or 2. Little Julius 3. Telephone 4. In the Middle of Words 5. Child 6. Rubber Tree 7. Neighbourly 8. Sopot 9. New Progress Regulations 10. Mack Madoo 11. Shantrooczech 12. Glam Leather


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2570 JPY carttrial listening

his is the costarring collection of Naoyuki Masuda who has played an active part since 80s, and various guests, such as Fumio Kosakai (iron-rocker!!) and Tetsuji Akiyama (G) etc. The performance which lessened the number of sound and treasures the interval is hammering out not only co-stars but also listener and the space that the sound is flowed.

1. Manieristic Slumber 2. The Top Of Takatori Rock 3. North Kamakura 4. A Level Check 5. Kajiwara 6. Sandalwood Rain 7. Crystal 2・17 8. Pathway To The Sanatorium 9. White Meringue 10. Sales, Dogs, Sands 11. The Scene On A Morning In Winter 12. Improvisation In E 13. Sentry In The Dark Tunnel


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2700 JPY carttrial listening

The guitar duet who has surprised all audience that hear them. Adachi Kyodai by whom the name is known also as a main member of Ausia was the expert of acoustic music, but they has not published studio recording until now. The debut work which they released at last, is so beautiful and forcible that we wants to repeat all along..

1. Back Track 2. Mother Goose 3. Push Me Into Tornado 4. I Talk To The Wind 5. All Shades Of Blues 6. Cheap Day Return 7. Erewhon 8. Unknown Troops 9. Spring Sillky Shower Landscape 10. Lemming 11. When That I Was A Little Tiny Boy 12. Guilt

IRUMAGAWA MASAMI [Improvisations on the Cello or Non-border-transgressive Solo] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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Improvisations on the Cello or Non-border-transgressive SoloImprovisations on the Cello or Non-border-transgressive Solo

2570 JPY carttrial listening

As you have already realized, a recorded live performance was separated into 16 sections, and those are rearranged with some intention in this album. While the order of them mostly follows the actual recorded time, this album is not a record of the performance. We see an example of western compositions.

1. Threshold 1 2. Threshold 2 3. Threshold 3 4. Threshold 4 5. Threshold 5 6. Threshold 6 7. Threshold 7 8. Threshold 8 9. Threshold 9 10. Threshold 10 11. Threshold 11 12. Threshold 12 13. Threshold 13 14. Threshold 14 15. Threshold 15 16. Threshold 16

Eduardo M del Signore [Captivated] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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Eduardo M del Signore

2700 JPY carttrial listening

The base of Eduardo addressed himself gracefully to you through the debut album of this modern world music. The guest vocals are Dionne Warwick and Jon Anderson who is a member of “YES”, and so on.

1. One Life Time 2. Serafin 3. Cocos Azules 4. Si Por Amor 5. Boabdil 6. Captivated 7. Song of Ossanha 8. Sight 9. Hope

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