Mitsuo Iwase [VALUABLE] Sale at MusicTerm

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Mitsuo Iwase

1851 JPY carttrial listening

1. prologue 2. From the town of the foreign country 3. Dusk 4. A Summer`s Tale 5. Dance With The Wind 6. To the night sky full of stars 7. White beach 8. LostTime 9. Under the same and emptiness 10. Dream of seeing at one time 11. It is invited to the wind that blows in autumn 12. Indefinitely

DOWNER ONE [Strange Trad II] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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Strange Trad IIStrange Trad II

2263 JPY carttrial listening

In II, new arranged “Bugbear” of LACRYMOSA is collected besides an Russian song/ Irish song. Moreover, “BEYOND THE SEA” is written by Chihiro & Hosoda in line of this concept.

1. It Comes From Nowhere 2. Midnight In Moscow 3. In and Out and Hoi 4. Bugbear(New Millennium ver.2.3) 5. Green Sleeves 6. BEYOND THE SEA 7. Johnny’s Wedding

TONY SPADA [The Human Element] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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The Human ElementThe Human Element

2052 JPY carttrial listening

1. Iraqiroll 2. Jack The Hat 3. Trick Shoes 4. One For Two 5. Intruders 6. Sleaze Factor 7. Mile High 8. Surfin 9. UFO 10. Clinically Proven 11. Destination Home

BICCO BEAT [BICCO BEAT] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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1851 JPY carttrial listening

1. Intro-FUWAFUWA 2. Compression 3. DEKUNOBO 4. GYAKUKAITEN 5. Patchwork 6. Bass+Organ 7. pH=2 8. Open Hi-Hat 9. Abstract N.O. 10. N.O. 11. ZEN MONDO 12. MOTARI 13. KODAI Lunch 14. OMATSURI

subtare [the starting point] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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the starting pointthe starting point

2160 JPY carttrial listening

1. Fever 2. Come together 3. You spin me round 4. You’re so vain 5. Rock and Roll 6. Fight for your right 7. Is this love 8. Born to be wild 9. Many rivers to cross


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2700 JPY carttrial listening

The story of the sound of the Japanese streetcar.

1. scene1:prologue 2. scene2 3. scene3 4. scene4 5. scene5 6. scene6 7. scene7 8. scene8 9. scene9:epilogue

Roberta [Wizards] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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2263 JPY carttrial listening

Roberta is the melodic hard singer who has been produced by a member of FSB who is the No.1 technical lock group in Bulgaria. Her vocal is made conspicuous by the high quality of a musical piece and the advanced performance.

1. Let us be different 2. Parade of the vanity 3. Wizards 4. The Law 5. Lone runner 6. Fear 7. In the middle 8. I can 9. It is foggy 10. On time

Konstatin Tzekov [Krilete na ribite] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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Krilete na ribiteKrilete na ribite
Konstatin Tzekov

2263 JPY carttrial listening

This is the second solo album of Konstatin Tzekov who is the keyboard player and the vocal of FSB. this work is made up in two parts which have a main edit of from 1 to 7 and a bonus edit of from 8 to 15. The main edit is a vocal music which is jazz-fusion style of melodious and fresh, and the bonus edit is a sound track which was written for the TV programs has an instrumental of progressive and full of an ethnic color. This is the volitional work which is the melodic-rock just a little bit different from FSB.

1. Over the hill 2. The tears of the wonderor 3. They called her a bird 4. Dice 5. Until then 6. Ford 7. Like ash and rain 8. Beggining theme 9. Traces 10. In front of the last door 11. The way 12. Varticals 13. Theme of love 14. Like ash and rain – theme II 15. Final

Nelko Kolarov [Day of wrath] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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Day of wrathDay of wrath
Nelko Kolarov

2263 JPY carttrial listening

This is the first solo album of Nelko Kolarov who is known as a composer offering many works to famous singers in Bulgaria, and is also known as a technical keyboard player. The musicians of a go-getter, including Ivan Lechev (the guitarist of FSB) and Ognyan Tzolov (the vocal of Stonehenge, Elit) has joined in as the guests.

1. Day of Wrath 2. Midnight Carnival 3. I am Guilty 4. Abroad 5. Past in the Future 6. Old Piano 7. Sinful People 8. Smile! 9. Time for Parting 10. Alone 11. Without Words

Uz Jsme Doma [Pohadky ze Zapotrebi] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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Pohadky ze ZapotrebiPohadky ze Zapotrebi
Uz Jsme Doma

2484 JPY carttrial listening

This work has showed the charm of UJD such as foolish, skillful and melodiously. The various elements are developed confusedly, and the sound is echoed thrillingly. The point which is especially the grotesqueness of the jacket-art of SF tone especially should be mentioned.

1. Mornight 2. Over and Over 3. Magician 4. Blindman’s Cane 5. The Soil 6. Mr.Manyana 7. Hereona 8. Water-prite 9. Melting 10. Ms.Lazy-bones 11. Hardly Anybody 12. ShoePhill

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