Bandvivil [Bandvivil] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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2700 JPY carttrial listening

1. Jemah & She 2. Afro 3. Eat Triplet 4. W.P. 5. To King Rush 6. Get Up 7. e.g.f. 8. Chili Mens Ballade 9. Seven Spices 10. Abraham Bee 11. San-Byou-Shi 12. Hane 13. Strange Smoke 14. Zoo Zoo Da Juju 15. Shuffle De Go 16. Zoo Zoo Da Juju (Slight Return)

Quikion [Ramadan] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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2700 JPY carttrial listening

1. Moon and a Bride 2. Ramadan 3. TheCracked Harmonium of CHOTABARU 4. Die Ballade von der Hollen-Lili 5. Guessing Song 6. Cha-Ri-Ne 7. Spellbound 8. Sirba D’Accordeon 9. The Cuckoo 10. Concertina Blues 11. Heaven Knows 12. Kondratiev Song

Shingetsu [Shingetsu Live 25.26 july 1979] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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Shingetsu Live 25.26 july 1979Shingetsu Live 25.26 july 1979

2700 JPY carttrial listening

1. oni 2. fragments of the dawn 3. the other side of morning 4. influential street 5. afternoon-after the rain 6. she can’t return home 7. night collector 8. reddish eyes on mirror 9. voyage for killing love part 2 10. retuen of the night

Trio’96 [DUO’03] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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2700 JPY carttrial listening

1. Left-Handed Rotation 2. Kerenmi Afureru Pray 3. Curriculum 4. Improvisation (Braford) 5. Hommage `a A & G 6. Improvisation (Distance, Perspective)

naruto [oneeyed 1-10] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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oneeyed 1-10oneeyed 1-10

1620 JPY carttrial listening

This is The concept album of Monster-Bodhisattva’s fairy tale picture book “oneeyed” which naruto writes. The masterpiece which naruto produced alone. She joins a sound and a fairy tale together.


Heisei no satie [HOPE] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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Heisei no satie

1337 JPY carttrial listening

“Tetsuroh” is being composed.This music is a synthesizer work and Alto recorder solo work. This New Album “Hope” will be able to enjoy the sound world of “stillness and movement”.

1. S.O.N.G 2. 7motion 3. Devator 4. 7year’s 5. Outside of the wall 6. Roluos 7. 7hill’s 8. NO WAR 2 9. sleep

KALO [Spiral Dream] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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Spiral DreamSpiral Dream

2700 JPY carttrial listening

Debut album of the symphonic lock band KALO is released as the first CD of the newly started InterMusic label. Guitarist Masahiro Uemura started KALO as a project which performs the dynamic music he has kept in his mind for years.

1. Dharani 2. A Voice In Blue 3. Forest Fairies 4. Sunset 5. Eternity 6. Land Of Spirits 7. Rerakamuy 8. Into Existence 9. To The Memory Of A Person 10. Sensitive Air 11. Gleam 12. Spiral Dream

elephant talk [yoru no button] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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yoru no buttonyoru no button
elephant talk

2160 JPY carttrial listening

This work which is the theme of “nighit” has a transparent feeling and is felt tenderness. A sound system, Progressive Rock and an AVAN jazz musician join in, and it’s tempted the horizon of new pop music.

1. yoru no button 2. karappo no sekai 3. tenshi no march 4. luster 5. wataboushi no tobukoro 6. nonelinear 7. a castoff skin

Wappa Gappa [A Myth] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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A MythA Myth
Wappa Gappa

2571 JPY carttrial listening

The second album of released worldwidely. This is a concept album which travels the world of a myth.

1. The lion Hearted King(Shishi-Oh) 2. The Banquet(Utage) 3. No Mercy(Mujou) 4. The Underground(Chikatetsu) 5. A Myth(Shinwa) 6. Pilgrimage Of Water(Mizu No Junrei) 7. The One And Only(Yui Itsu) 8. Floating Ice(Ryuhyo)

SIXNORTH [PRAYER] Sale at MusicTerm◆

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2700 JPY carttrial listening

This is the second work of the jazz-rock band which has improved theirselves of rich color sense. Dave Sinclair (a former Caravan) plays quotation music of Hatfield on the organ.

1. Magnetic Factor 2. The Fourth Way 3. Everything Becomes Circle 4. The Enneagram 5. From Sri Lanka to Titan 6. The Age of Horus 7. Introduction to Richard (Improvised solo guitar) 8. Richard-extract from “Fitter Stoke Has a Bath”

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