VANDAL KILLER [Inheritance] Sale at MusicTerm

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2200 JPY carttrial listening

It’s a first full length album of a melodic heavy metal band VANDAL KILLER having a female singer from JAPAN.

1. Camelia 2. True conclusion 3. FAITH 4. Break the seal 5. The Easter 6. I miss you 7. Ifrit 8. Kill the Vandal 9. Someday 10. Knights of round

Uta tasu Teion [As there are stars in the sky] Sale at MusicTerm

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As there are stars in the skyAs there are stars in the sky
Uta tasu Teion

2420 JPY carttrial listening

1. Flamingo 2. Fly Me To The Moon 3. One For All 4. Tennessee waltz 5. Suzhou nocturne 6. Smile 7. Summertime 8. As there are stars in the sky 9. Blue Moon 10. Over The Rainbow

Akio Hasumi [Melange] Sale at MusicTerm

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Akio Hasumi

3143 JPY carttrial listening

Akio Hasumi guitarist.Melange of guitar… Accompanied the sound of violin and cello.

1. Bossaudade 2. Cherry Island 3. Distance Reflection 4. Valse chouette pour une chouette 5. Hommage to Noviembre 6. EP 7. Choro Primavera 8. La Sensibilidad 9. Vinho Verde 10. Kebap 11. Amazing Grace(Bonus track)

HuguinuWa [Sweet Sunset] Sale at MusicTerm

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Sweet SunsetSweet Sunset

2933 JPY carttrial listening

The floating shakuhachi sound drifting through space, the vibrating djembe felt through the ground and the electronic music colouring the clouds. HuguinuWa harmonises ambient music of the twenty-first century with the psychedelic and tribal sounds of the late 1960’s.

1. SweetSunset-StudioVersion- 2. SweetSunset-LiveVersion-

Megumi Takita [Bon Voyage !] Sale at MusicTerm

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Bon Voyage !Bon Voyage !
Megumi Takita

1572 JPY carttrial listening

Pop – cellist, Megumi Takita, 1st mini album.

1. Bon Voyage! 2. monochrome 3. RASEN 4. a crisp day 5. YURIKAGO 6. free

minoke? [p.p.a.c.k] Sale at MusicTerm

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2750 JPY carttrial listening

To be speeding Jazz rock saxophone lead appeared ! Progressive, jazz fusion, a dramatic World.

1. Mummy’s horn 2. The Other Side Of Eight Peaks 3. Sorekani-Sorekari 4. nayugu 5. Birthday 6. Catalunya 7. Otsunami 8. Kanta no itoko 9. Resonance 10. Kumo-Hane 11. This Side Of Eight Peaks

HALL OF GLASS [Faded Landscape] Sale at MusicTerm

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Faded LandscapeFaded Landscape

1572 JPY carttrial listening

Gothic Ambient New Wave Progressive Rock. Female Vocal, Simplicity, Powerful, Wonder Fantastic Sound Space, It Is Empty And Expression Of Feelings,Singing Voice Of Woman Who Hears It From Among Silence.

1. Vain 2. Silent Dream 3. Summer Orbit 4. Blood Music 5. Assimilation 6. Alan 7. Illumination 8. Blue Water 9. Pollution 10. Moonlight Echo 11. Winter Light 12. Clear Night

Duo Les Quatre Mains[Tomoko Kakuma/Kiyo Kajiyama] [Keybord Duets Of the BACH family] Sale at MusicTerm

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Keybord Duets Of the BACH familyKeybord Duets Of the BACH family
Duo Les Quatre Mains[Tomoko Kakuma/Kiyo Kajiyama]

2750 JPY carttrial listening

Duo Keyboard Works of JS Bach and three great sons by two harpsichords. Also includes performances by two cars loved Bach’s clavichord.

1. Concerto for Two Harpsichords in C Major,BWV1061a(1) 2. Concerto for Two Harpsichords in C Major,BWV1061a(2)Adagio ouvero 3. Concerto for Two Harpsichords in C Major,BWV1061a(3)Fuga 4. Duet in Gmajor,Op.15(1)Allegro 5. Duet in Gmajor,Op.15(2)Tempo di Menuetto 6. Four Duets,Wq.115(1) 7. Four Duets,Wq.115(2) 8. Four Duets,Wq.115(3) 9. Four Duets,Wq.115(4) 10. Concert for Two Keybords in F Major,F.10(1) 11. Concert for Two Keybords in F Major,F.10(2) 12. Concert for Two Keybords in F Major,F.10(3)

Time strings travellers [DEFREEZED SONGS] Sale at MusicTerm

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Time strings travellers

2619 JPY carttrial listening

japanese jazz-rock group Time Strings Travellers energy like a MAGMA and improvisation like a soft machine ,and they play Japanese traditional song too

1. ruby 2. flat and abstract 3. shades of moscow 4. before the collapse ’97 5. spring whisper 6. MantennoHoshiyo 7. ruten 8. kahara 9. a girl in the cage
1. one night at KOBE 2. PM 3. BanrinoOmoi 4. in the darkness 5. go through a stormy way 6. summer fellows 7. ‘Tenkawa’ the dabby nights

K. JUNO [JUNO Vol.1 plus FATE] Sale at MusicTerm

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JUNO Vol.1 plus FATEJUNO Vol.1 plus FATE

2095 JPY carttrial listening

80’s hard rock style female vocals on 70’s rock. Often referred to HEART, but rather to be called “female Paul Rodgers”. Songs are catchy, but not happy. Let her high pitch voice scrape the bottom of you…..

1. Fate (I Need You More Than I Can Say) 2. Love Me (Can’t Stop Loving You) 3. Fighter in the Screen 4. Do You Know 5. Horse of Fire 6. The Skies Are Falling Down 7. Pale Rose 8. The Rising Sun 9. The Song Of The Dawn 10. Fate (Instrumental)

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