Sachiya Senoku [Dream meditation Yoga] Sale at MusicTerm

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Dream meditation YogaDream meditation Yoga
Sachiya Senoku

3500 JPY carttrial listening

1. daisin no makakaei 2. chisinkyouhatu no ongaku 3. kongoukaji no ongaku 4. kousanzebyoukanchou no ongaku 5. yume no meisou

Koume Akasaka 100 birth anniversary film [Koume the Legendary singer] Sale at MusicTerm

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Koume the Legendary singerKoume the Legendary singer
Koume Akasaka 100 birth anniversary film

4950 JPY carttrial listening

In Japan, there was a legendary singer like them. Her name is Koume Akasaka.She has dedicated her life to singing Japanese folk song. This DVD is a documentary film of her singing life. This is it!

1. Koume the Legendary singer 2. Special Features)Theatrical trailer&Special trailer 3. Special Features)[Koume lived in Kokura]

Roses [Revisited] Sale at MusicTerm

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1572 JPY carttrial listening

1. Opera Mr.N from the Splendor’s revenge, Third Act, Beautiful Vengeance Aria – Cyber revenge of a m.. 2. FOLLOW ME FOLLOW YOU 3. Holy Mary 4. Sakura Sakura Sakura 5. Water Mother

Shiniti UENO & PHONIX Reflexion [KECAK] Sale at MusicTerm

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Shiniti UENO & PHONIX Reflexion

2750 JPY carttrial listening

This CD features six works for percussion ensemble, performed by the percussion group Phonix Reflexion, led by Japanese percussionist Shinti Ueno.

1. Optical Wave for Six Percussionists by Isao Matsushita 2. After-Stuba! by Mark Ford 3. Kecak for Six Percussionists by Akira Nishimura 4. Celebration and Chorale by Nile DePonte 5. Gainsborough #1 by Thomas Gauger 6. Gainsborough #2 by Thomas Gauger 7. Gainsborough #3 by Thomas Gauger 8. Heterorhythmix by Tokuhide Niimi

Walrus [colloidal] Sale at MusicTerm

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2095 JPY carttrial listening

The work which riped in the live activity for the past one year is covered. In order to clarify each sound more,no mellotron. and 12st guitar is also made into the minimum. 51 minutes sharpened well aiming at the lively rock sound.

1. the parade of hoshikui 2. somewhere and nowhere 3. a darkside house 4. the boat Lilica draw 5. paperplane 6. Real Guard Gondola On Last Of The World 7. a man who raises a weed 8. a medical-bin and awakening 9. pinhole camera

Motoko Nabeshima [Bach and His Predecessors] Sale at MusicTerm

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Bach and His PredecessorsBach and His Predecessors
Motoko Nabeshima

3080 JPY carttrial listening

1. SUITE IN D MAJOR 2. SUITE IN G MINOR 3. Galliarda ex D 4. Paduana Lachrymae/nach J. Dowland 5. Toccata in F 6. Passacaglia in d 7. Biblische Son No.4 in c 8. Praludium, Fuge, & Allegro in E flat, BWV 998

Rough Brunch [Rough Brunch] Sale at MusicTerm

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Rough BrunchRough Brunch
Rough Brunch

2619 JPY carttrial listening

Rough Brunch is acoustic band in Japan. Balkan folk ,Klezmer,and original music inspired particularly by Eastern European folk music. Female vocal sung in Japanese lyrics with Nyckelharpa,Accordion,Cumbus,Bouzouki,Fiddle,Cello,Bass,Darubuka.

1. loss dog 2. honey of the love 3. ninjya 4. hose 5. spicy grass 6. Meseno Horo 7. Mariovsuka Tresenica 8. polska-B 9. A problem of a wing 10. zoo 11. Hava Nagila

Taro Ishida [Grandfinale] Sale at MusicTerm

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Taro Ishida

1543 JPY carttrial listening

The 1st album of TaroIshida. Japanese Techno , Afro beat , Ethnic Music , Classical , Jazz , Abant-garde , Electronica . . . mixture of music , all over the world.

1. Grand Finale 2. PUNKA 3. Lacrimae Pavan 4. AIR 5. Bricoleur 6. Locomotion 7. Time For Space For Time 8. Psyche-Buson 9. KAIDAN 10. Lulla! By!

Nishitani Akemi [so-fa] Sale at MusicTerm

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Nishitani Akemi

1572 JPY carttrial listening

1. Power of the magic 2. The drop which grants a dream 3. Power to believe, the essence of the smile 4. Fireworks II 5. A bottom of the same sky 6. A reserved seat

ILLINOIS SKYLINE [Circle] Sale at MusicTerm

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1320 JPY carttrial listening

1. i 2. EARTH 3. ro 4. MOON 5. Stardust Train 6. ha

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