Benoit Moerlen [Rocking Roller] was released.

Posted on 01 July 2011

Benoit Moerlen [Rocking Roller] was released.

Sparkling jewel case – marimba music sound with a beautiful jewel-like a suikinkutsu.

The first leader album of Benoit Moerlen who was active in GONGZILLA  and Pierre Moulin’s GONG.

Rocking RollerBenoit Moerlen
Rocking Roller
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1. Rocking Roller
2. Wasabi time
3. Camel ride
4. Tikami
5. Grin and bear it
6. In the black forest
7. It came out of the blue
8. Akimbo

4 responses to Benoit Moerlen [Rocking Roller] was released.

  • Steven W. Brown says:

    Samples are great – Buying this right away!

  • Vincenzo Giorgio says:

    Hi! my name’s Vincenzo , i write on an italian paper magazine named Wonderous Stories ( where I have a space interely dedicated to canterbury scene.
    Is it possibile having a copy of Benoit last album for a review?
    Thanks so muchu for your interest!
    All the best

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