Time strings travellers [DEFREEZED SONGS] was released.

Posted on 13 July 2011

Time strings travellers [DEFREEZED SONGS] was released.

japanese jazz-rock group Time Strings Travellers energy like a MAGMA and improvisation like a soft machine ,and they play Japanese traditional song too.

DEFREEZED SONGSTime strings travellers
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1. ruby
2. flat and abstract
3. shades of moscow
4. before the collapse ’97
5. spring whisper
6. MantennoHoshiyo
7. ruten
8. kahara
9. a girl in the cage
1. one night at KOBE
2. PM
3. BanrinoOmoi
4. in the darkness
5. go through a stormy way
6. summer fellows
7. ‘Tenkawa’ the dabby nights

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