Daimon&DaimonOrchestra 『Ashikaga EP』 was released.

Posted on 17 August 2011

Daimon&DaimonOrchestra 『Ashikaga EP』 was released.

Split mini-album by the band «DaimonOrchestra» large family that was formed in 2006 and derived from it «Daimon» Ashikaga representative of the alternative band, formed in 2002.
This album contains four songs were familiar with this genre is not true either. The change of rhythm and sound, noise, JAZZ, CLASSIC, LATIN, etc beat festival Sounds like there is not anywhere finished to the POP.
Easing the tension and live together and laugh, you should experience that can be like a circus like that to.

★For the first 5 people
Limited Edition CD With Bonus DVD-R Edition

『Ashikaga EP』
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1. Libido
2. Monaural
3. Solfge
4. A day after the fair

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