Introduction of the CD was popular at MusicTerm in 2011

Posted on 21 December 2011

Introduction of the CD was popular at MusicTerm in 2011.

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FANTASIA  Rie Yamane  [FANTASIA]All Compose,Piano, Program,Mix,and Edit:Rie Yamane
Guitar(#3 #9):Tsuyoshi.O
Pianika(#5):Tagui WatanabeBuy this CD click here
Tsunehiro Murakami / Guitars
Tatsuya Kobayashi / Bass
Reina / Vocal, Flute
Tadashi Tsushimi / Drums
Jun Nagamori / KeyboardsBuy this CD click here
LEGEND OF GOLD WIND ACOUSTIC ASTURIAS  [LEGEND OF GOLD WIND]Cool & Beauty! Progressive unit of exciting, melodious, dramatic, original sound by classical formation. 3rd album did scale-up under the theme of “earth”. Please experience original “acoustic prog rock” by classical quartet!Buy this CD click here
FRACTALS  ELECTRIC ASTURIAS  [FRACTALS]Melodias and dramatic rock band style “Electric Asturias” start at last!
3rd Asturias sound reminding of progressive rock in a golden age in the ’70s, the world only in the Asturias.
Please enjoy the world of intense emotion!Buy this CD click here
MABOROSHI PAGANZ  MABOROSHI PAGANZ [MABOROSHI PAGANZ ]Entangled in the strange land invites exquisitely symphonic rock with ethnic instruments!Buy this CD click here
Rocking Roller  Benoit Moerlen [Rocking Roller]Sparkling jewel case – marimba music sound with a beautiful jewel-like a suikinkutsu.The first leader album of Benoit Moerlen who was active in GONGZILLA and Pierre Moulin’s GONG.Buy this CD click here

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