Lu7 [Bonito] was released

Posted on 24 May 2012

Lu7 [Bonito] was released.

<On top of the canvas of the keyboard shine like crystal, such as sound world of six strings of phantasmagoric kaleidoscope paints>
In this 3rd album,Partnering with the rhythm section called Jiro Okada, and K. Shimamura, embodying the cosmopolitan sound solid.

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1. Bonito
2. Nut Kicking Squirrel
3. Tanzanite Ring
4. Interlude#1(PinkTourmaline)
5. Snowy Night
6. Chocolate Sundae
7. RequiemK.626Lacrimosa
8. Interlude#2(Gene)
9. Suna no Kaidan
10. Karamiyuku Turu
11. Pole To Win!
12. Interlude#3(FairyInTheDark)
13. Artemis

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