Introduction of TEE [Trans-Europe Expression],minoke? [p.p.a.c.k] reviews on PROG ARCHIVES.

Posted on 31 January 2013

TEE “Trans-Europe Expression” and minoke? “p.p.a.c.k” was introduced to the site “PROG ARCHIVES” in the United States.

For more information, see below.

TEE “Trans-Europe Expression”

MelangeTrans-Europe Expression

2625 JPY carttrial listening

 TEE is a five piece flute-front progressive rock band from Tokyo, Japan. This second opus keeps the same format of their first album “The Earth Explorer” but has more sophisticated compositions with full of melodic, dramatic moments. All the 6 songs represent scenes of somewhere in Europe and 4 out of 6 songs depict particular scenes the band have encountered during Prog’Sud 2010. Some of you may notice that the front cover is a famous historical city in France. All instrumental but you will see a little surprise. ENJOY!!

minoke? “ppack”

2625 JPY carttrial listening

To be speeding Jazz rock saxophone lead appeared ! Progressive, jazz fusion, a dramatic World.

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