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Posted on 01 March 2013

Krilete na ribiteKrilete na ribite
Konstatin Tzekov

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This is the second solo album of Konstatin Tzekov who is the keyboard player and the vocal of FSB. this work is made up in two parts which have a main edit of from 1 to 7 and a bonus edit of from 8 to 15. The main edit is a vocal music which is jazz-fusion style of melodious and fresh, and the bonus edit is a sound track which was written for the TV programs has an instrumental of progressive and full of an ethnic color. This is the volitional work which is the melodic-rock just a little bit different from FSB.
1. Over the hill 2. The tears of the wonderor 3. They called her a bird 4. Dice 5. Until then 6. Ford 7. Like ash and rain 8. Beggining theme 9. Traces 10. In front of the last door 11. The way 12. Varticals 13. Theme of love 14. Like ash and rain – theme II 15. Final

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