Genesis explanatory [THE LAMB BOOK Vol.1] written by EMM.Plan was released.

Posted on 19 March 2013

The explanatory of  Genesis 『THE LAMB LIES DOWN ON BROADWAY』
『THE LANB BOOK Vol.1』was released.
¥3,900(include shipping)
B5 size (182mm * 257mm)
total 288 pages 
entering serial number

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Investigation of about 700 Genesys related articles in the books of old Japan and about 150 copies of music newspapers of Britain for 1974~75 years is raising the big result with this book.
In addition, probably they are the detailed contents from the novel viewpoint which was not written until now in Japan using the music related books of another genre, much data related with a social trend of those days, etc.
Though there are also few foreign books again, even if it is considered as data and sees globally, I think whether it became novel contents.

[The main contents]
The thing of the tale of “LAMB” written to the inside of a jacket is made to be referred to as “TEXT” in this book.
Although this “TEXT” has Ms. Atsuko Kido’s translation now, that translation mainly explains て to the flow of the unclear portion or the whole tale from the viewpoint on English grammar, and a viewpoint of the context just.
Moreover, various disquisition on consider from much data various “patting”. [ which is related to “LAMB” ]
In addition, data, such as introduction of the sound source of the composition stage in the Headley grange, changes of consideration and a “LAMB” Japan board, and chronology of Genesys of those days, are also published, and it has also become the data for those who study this point “LAMB.”

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