Handdlion [circus orchestra of a mysterious forest] was released

Posted on 28 March 2014

Handdlion [circus orchestra of a mysterious forest] was released

Handdlion, Celtic harp trio feel the nostalgic scent somewhere even in a ethnic metal string Celtic harp, fiddle, accordion is a traditional style of Ireland. The music of the original have a firm favorite even while influenced by traditional Celtic music, all over Europe.
Circus in the good old days in a nutshell, the concept of this 2ndCD which is the first time in four years such thing as a concert of overnight by circus orchestra of a mysterious forest. If you are taking a style songs that move down to the concert in the CD, which also includes connotations tribute to Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band of Beatles. (Trick of it’s style and are in places such as sound effects far from listening)

Sakaue Masumi was a member of the Vermilion Sands became the topic as a band of Renaissance type in the 80s,
Fiddle player Okubo Mana front members young Irish band active in Tokyo of “John John Festival”.
Fujino Yuka accordion player, she has worked in many units “Sharukyiroma” and “Ofujitsubo” in support of members Zabadak.
Etc. Also Fumio Yoshida and Haraguchi Toyoaki former member of Si Folk, a pioneer of Celtic music in Japan also participated as a guest player.

・Masumi Sakaue Celeic Harp, Bouzouki
・Yuka Fujino Accordion
・Mana Okubo Fiddle

・Fumio Yoshida Hardy gurdy
・Toyoaki Haraguchi Northumbrian Pipes
・Kana Cello
・Tsutomu Suzuki Bass

[circus orchestra of a mysterious forest]
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Violin Future
World Music
Key Musical Instrument
Stringed Instrument
Ancient music
Stringed musical instrument system

1. Circus Hornpipe
2. Jongleur Dance
3. Rain of Caledonia
4. Piper of Moscow Square
5. Sicilian Waltz
6. Blueberry Polska
7. Little Anita
8. Roma’s Moon
9. Wind Flowing Far Away
10. Circus Ceili
11. Pleasant Trip to Europe

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