Nekozurashi [Ahostractions] was released

Posted on 18 April 2014

Nekozurashi [Ahostractions] was released

Nekozurashi is band from Osaka. A real different than any other styles.
You’ll feel many sort of music from this without confusion. it’s flat attitude for music.
if you’re boring, chek this out. and Outside said:
Nekozurashi’s “Ahostractions” is an album that breaks new ground for us, whilst we have reviewed jazz albums before, this is the first time we’ve reviewed Japanese Jazz or, indeed, to my recollection, any album from a Japanese band.
Nekozurashi, has been quite kind to us, the opening track, “New Fast Car” is an instrumental with an English title and horns that are at times reminiscent of incidental music on the Pink Panther. It’s a mellow song that really allows you to settle into the album.
By no means is the whole album instrumental and when it’s sung, it’s sung in Japanese, which when you first hear it takes a little while to settle in.
That’s not entirely a lack of familiarity with the language, it’s also something that’s enhanced by the music itself having recognisable reference points. “Gomi”, for example, adds in touches of Presleyesque rock and roll.
In fact most of the references are far more Western than most of the Japanese music I’ve listened to in the past which, hands up, have been predominated by music on the sound tracks of anime which I used to watch a of a good few years back.
The album features both male and female vocal with the music coming from the more melodic side of the genre and less dischordant than some that have come through the office. “Ahostractions” has got quite a lot going for it, out of the ordinary, but not out of the comfort zone.
-Neil King

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Synthesizer Future

1. Fast New Car
2. Minnagomidatta
3. Okamahakenkatuyoi
4. Morinoseikatu
5. No More Mr. Nice Guy
6. Nitiyoubinohutari
7. Kissabojou
8. Choiwaruoyazui
9. Osoinatu
10. Hitogamabarananaitokurabu
11. Overture
12. Nuhagromi Hapaha
13. Degutinashi

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