Asturias [In Search of the Soul Trees] was released

Posted on 23 April 2014

Asturias [In Search of the Soul Trees] was released

This is 21century “Tubular Bells”! It is composed of two long suites (23minutes & 27minutes), including beautiful melodies & exciting prog sound.
Multi player – Yoh Ohyama plays many kinds of instruments.
Bonus Track “Danca Das Borboretas 2014” is added to this album.

Yoh Ohyama : acoustic guitar,Spanish guitar,electric guitar,bass,mandolin,keybords,glockenspiel,harp,cello,percussions,synthesizer

Haruhiko Tsuda : electric guitar(VI) from Shingetsu Tsutomu Kurihara : electric guitar(V) from Lu7 Satoshi Hirata : electric guitar(III) from FLAT122, Stella Lee Jones, Electric Asturias Akira Hanamoto : mellotron(I,III,VIII) from Shingetsu Yoshihiko Kawagoe : piano(II,X) from Acoustic&Electric Asturias Kaori Tsutsui : clarinet,recorders(I,II,VII) from Acoustic Asturias Kyoko Itoh : violin(I,V) from Acoustic Asturias Misa Kitatsuji : violin(IX) Shigeo Sasaki : drums(II,IV,VIII,IX) Aya Nasuno : percussions Kanako Itoh : voice Hassy : voice –Bonus Track– Yoko Ueno : voice Udai Shika : Cello Tatsuya Murayama : Viola

Please look at the promotion movie.

[In Search of the Soul Trees]
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Multiplex Recording

1. Part1 I: spirits
2. Part1 II: revelation
3. Part1 III: reincarnation
4. Part1 IV: fountain
5. Part1 V: woods
6. Part2 VI: pilgrimage
7. Part2 VII: paradise
8. Part2 VIII: woods storm
9. Part2 IX: soul trees
10. Part2 X: dawn
11. Bonus Track: Danca das Borboretas 2014

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