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Posted on 04 August 2014

flower world Shiniti Ueno & Yuji Takahashi Duo Recital Liveflower world Shiniti Ueno & Yuji Takahashi Duo Recital Live
Shiniti Ueno & Yuji Takahashi

2700 JPY carttrial listening

This CD was created from the recording of the 2008 Shiniti Ueno & Yuji Takahashi duo recital in Tokyo. All the pieces were composed by Yuji Takahashi,three of which were world premieres.Multi-percussion and piano,interacting on the equal basis,create unique Takahashi world with high quality of performance and musicality.

1. The Wolf 2. Lullaby a 3. Lullaby b 4. bachiana afroasiatica Sora 5. bachiana afroasiatica ShizumuTsuki 6. bachiana afroasiatica Ukigumo 7. bachiana afroasiatica Yaminotobari 8. bachiana afroasiatica KemurinoUzu 9. bachiana afroasiatica MatatakuHonoo 10. bachiana afroasiatica Sazanami 11. bachiana afroasiatica TumetaiAme 12. bachiana afroasiatica ChiruSuna 13. bachiana afroasiatica Tasogare 14. Battiti Bachiani 1:Kaikyou 15. Battiti Bachiani 2:Douki 16. Coyote Melody 17. flower world 1:HananoKogika 18. flower world 2:Edazunowoyurase 19. flower world 3:HananoMichi 20. flower world 4:Karekusa 21. flower world 5:Yoake

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