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Posted on 07 September 2015

Vale Tudo Live at Airegin #2Vale Tudo Live at Airegin #2

2057 JPY carttrial listening

Although this is the jazz-rock which is played by the piano-trio, Kazuaki Kondo who is the keyboard player loves Progressive Rock, such as PFM and EL&P, so this performance has used plenty of strange rhythm, which was refracted extremely. The technical level of each one are not only high but also the style of the New York group of AVAN jazz-rock. The live version of the 2002 recording.

1. Triangle Hold 2. tobitasinchi no yolu 3. zasikiwarasi 3 4. zasikiwarasi 1 5. rasenjhoniegakaretahimawariwomitumeruroujinnokioku 6. Evil Reaction 7. C.A.E. hosi no kanatahe 8. J.C.C. 9. hanchinton・boogie

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