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Posted on 04 October 2015

Page OnePage One
Rough & Ready

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This is the album containing six music which are her confident works, and has been added the suite “PAGE ONE” which is exceeding 25 minutes, in addition. The original album which is for the first time in five years has many music which has acquired popularity at the old live. The theme of the suite which is called Page One is “one book”. I will take you to “the door which continues to the sea of language”. Thank you for waiting!!! Please enjoy the rock of Rough & Ready.
1. through a moonlit forest -and a story begins there 2. PAGE ONE Prologue 3. PAGE ONE Chapter 1 4. PAGE ONE Chapter 2 5. PAGE ONE Chapter 3 6. PAGE ONE Chapter 4 7. PAPA HA NANDEMO SITTEIRU 8. Balance Man 9. SYOSYU 10. BARABARARA 11. (There’s no such thing as a) FREE LUNCH 12. Foetus

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