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Posted on 03 January 2018

Watashi No Kaze Wa Ziyu Ni UtauWatashi No Kaze Wa Ziyu Ni Utau
Sigil Project

2057 JPY carttrial listening

This is the first album of Sigil Project completed by throughout a period of two years. Although it is nostalgic somewhere, it’s not the principle to reminisce. It’s fresh, but not defiant. While being influenced with various music, nobody is followed.

1. Sound of Mind 1 2. Zinsei No Uta 3. Tonbi 4. Syarin No Ue De 5. Tukiyo No Monogatari 6. Emerald Forest 7. Sound of Mind 2 8. Sumomo No Ki 9. JousyouKiryu 10. SakuraIro No Kaze Ga Huku

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