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Posted on 05 January 2019


2057 JPY carttrial listening

ginjineko’s long-awaited 1st album. Listen to the works of this unique guitar player who curves out his own musical niche with his own style. “Limit Break” featuring Takumi “FIRE” Matsuda, a professional bass player who represents Japanese musical scene, is the limited edition only for this album.

1. DUAL 2. HIGHEST TYPE-R 3. MIGHTY WING 4. Zettai, Taiikukan-ura dakanne! 5. LOVE SONG 6. JULIA 7. MILLION STRIKE 8. Promise 9. VOICE 10. LIMIT BREAK 11. KING OF THE SKY 12. S.O.D -Super Over Drive- 13. Tsuki Kumo

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