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Posted on 07 March 2020


2095 JPY carttrial listening

BARAKA was formed in 1997. The band has played more than 150 gigs in Japan and has also performed in London,Bangkok, and New York, receiving great reviews everywhere. BARAKA’s music style is not just a simple”progressive rock”; it is “true rock”. Their original music is influenced not only by 70’s rock musicians such as Led Zeppelin, King Crimson and Jimi Hendrix but also by Jazz and Classical Music. With their professional technique and energetic performances, they are ranked high in Japan as competent and original musicians.

1. Palm Trees of the Maldives 2. Illusions 3. Sea 4. Butterfly 5. Rest and Relaxation 6. Sand Sculpture 7. Dawn in the Jungle 8. Fake 9. The River is No More

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