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Posted on 03 February 2021

Shiniti UENO & PHONIX Reflexion

2750 JPY carttrial listening

This CD by Shiniti Ueno & Percussion Group Phonix Reflexion is a collection of percussion music that includes pieces composed by various contemporary composers, including Phonix members.

1. Sculpture in Wood by R. Pawassar 2. Wish Good Speed by Yusuke YAMAMOTO 3. Percussive Conference No.1 by Ikuo KAKEHASHI 4. Omphalo Centric Lecture by N.Westlake 5. Over the Ocean by Kazuhiro MAMADA 6. Greetings to Hermann by H.G.BRODMANN 7. On the Country Road by Yusuke YAMAMOTO 8. Visional Train by Kazuhiro MAMADA 9. Knock & Click by Yusuke YAMAMOTO 10. Whisper of Forest by Hisako SUMI

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