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Posted on 05 March 2022


3080 JPY carttrial listening

A sleeping monster, Kazuto Shimizu (former KILLING TIME, AREPOS, SOLA others) finally woke up!! It’s the high-tech & comfortable progressive ensemble presented by a tough trio of Natsuki Kido (BONDAGE FRUIT, WAREHOUSE, KIKIBANDO others), Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (ALTERED STATES, ROVO, DCPRG others) and Kazuto Shimizu.

1. Shower (passing) of passion 2. Pre-cambria dreamin’ 3. Crunchy brains* 4. Frujiru (lukewarm) ‘The Lowests’ variations 5. a) part1 6. b) intrusion of pre-cambrians* 7. c) part2 8. (Slight) Goodli-Moogli 9. Hyorokudama 10. Kombtry 11. Minerals* 12. -Tasmania

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